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Founded in 1948 by John Amos Nosler, Nosler develops high-quality ammunition and reloading components for hunters and recreational shooters who demand the most reliable rounds in their chamber. We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most innovative, most accurate, and most effective bullets. With the goal of creating the most efficient big game hunting experience possible, which was accomplished with the introduction of the Nosler Partition and Ballistic Tipped bullets. We offer a large variety of rifle ammo and pistol ammo made forr specific situations for the best results possible. From .22 varmint hunting rounds to lead-free E-Tip bullets, every aspect of our products are crafted to help you perform your best.

Founded by hunters for hunters, Nosler also produces premium rifle brass and bullets for gun owners who want to reload their own ammunition. By reloading your own ammo, you can create customized cartridges for your hunts, and you may even save some green in the process. Get your hands on AccuBond bullets and other innovations from Nosler


Engineered with legendary Nosler quality, the Bullets & Shot delivers the excellent performance you expect. Nosler products far exceed performance expectations and earns high praise in the field. Enjoy your hobby and achieve your goals with the outstanding performance of Nosler Bullets. We also offer bullets for reloading, including Ballistic Tip, Accubond Long Range, Bonded Performance, and Custom Competition.


Shop for .308 Winchester, .223 Remington, .30-06 Springfield, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 9mm Luger, .270 Winchester, .22 Nosler and other top-selling calibers of Nosler Ammunition. With rounds guaranteed to deliver precision with every shot, Nosler ammo will make you feel comfortable knowing you can protect yourself and your family in emergency situations and will help you take down trophy game easily.

Get the best ammunition for your pistols, rifles, shotguns, and rimfire rifles right here. We offers a complete line of Nosler bullets, ammo, and brass including Assured Stopping Power (ASP), Ballistic Tip, Defense Handgun, Expansion Tip Lead-Free, Match Grade, Trophy Grade, Trophy Grade Long RangeVarmageddon, Accubond, Accubond Long Range, Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip, Custom Competition Match, Partition, Reduced Drag Factor (RDF), Solid Dangerous Game. Nosler Model 48 and Model 21 rifles are also offered in popular calibers to suit the needs of premium hunters. Shoot with confidence knowing at Nosler it’s always “Quality First”.

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Nosler Rifles For Sale

Nosler sells a full suite of products for the serious sporting enthusiast. This includes bullets, brass, ammunition, and rifles – which many active and serious sporting enthusiasts are sometimes surprised to learn Nosler makes. Because we put such an emphasis on quality and performance, we wanted rifles designed specifically to test our ammunition. These rifles have extreme qualities and at an affordable price point, which is made possible by a combination of efficient assembly techniques and hand craftsmanship.
This success and dedication to quality firearms and ammunition continues on to this day, and can be expected from every product you purchase from the Nosler brand.