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Nosler Bullet 308 180gr E-Tip



Nosler Bullet 308 180gr E-Tip


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Nosler Bullet 308 180gr E-Tip – Nosler E-Tip¿ bullet (Patent Pending) was designed and developed out of necessity, as more and more state agencies and local ranges imposed no-lead restrictions on hunters and shooters.

  • Caliber 30
  • Bullet diameter 308
  • Bullet w. 180 gr.
  • Bullet type e-tip
  • 50 bullets per box
  • Specifications

    Ballistic Coefficient (G1) .523
    Bullet Type E-Tip
    Bullet Style Rifle
    Caliber 30 Caliber
    Diameter .308
    Grains 180
    Lead Free Yes
    Pack Quantity 50


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